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iPhone Cases

iPhones are one of the most popular tech devices on the planet, and our cases are designed to protect these revolutionary smartphones. iPhones are not a cheap investment and when they drop, panic sets in. Here at Mous, we’re tired of phones breaking, so we’ve developed the most protective cases possible.

Protective Cases for iPhones

Protection is paramount. Whether you’ve got your hands on an iPhone 12 or you’re still going strong with an iPhone 7, you’ll want to ensure that your phone is ready for whatever life throws at it. Our cases are so protective because we utilise our innovative, in-house developed AiroShock™ technology. AiroShock™ was purpose-built to absorb the energy and dampen the impact of shocks and drops, and this impressive material is integrated into all of our iPhone cases.

We are constantly refining and developing products that allow you to get the most out of your iPhone. For example, none of our design choices or protective materials compromise wireless charging, so you’ll never have to remove your iPhone 12 case every time you need extra power. Clever.

Leather & Clear iPhone Cases to Match Your Style

Our cases are ultra-protective and designed with maximum style in mind. We’ve curated a range of products that are sleek and slimline, designed to fit perfectly in your hand and snugly in your pocket. Say goodbye to heavy duty casings and say hello to slim-fit, aesthetic protection. We have a range of styles including speckled fabric, classic clear designs, alongside real materials like bamboo, walnut and Aramid Fibre. These are phone cases which are as unique as you are.

About Mous Cases

Mous was born when we realised that slim cases weren’t protective and protective cases were ugly, inspiring us to develop a range of phone cases that were both extremely protective and beautifully crafted. From dropping phones off 45ft cranes to throwing iPhones out of helicopters, our journey has been anything but traditional. We want to raise people’s expectations of what a phone case can deliver, creating beautiful and practical products that can protect your most valued tools.

We’ve managed to make our ideas of aesthetic, but protective phone cases into reality, alongside creating other phone accessories such as AirPods cases, screen protectors, and so much more.


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