AiroShockTM is our high-impact, protective material that we developed to make our phone cases as protective as possible. When we saw that the phone cases on the market were either protective but extremely bulky or they were slim but offered no protection, we knew we needed to come up with a clever solution which could make slim cases seriously protective. This is AiroShockTM. 

AiroShockTM is an impact-absorbing technology which disperses the energy which comes from drops, shocks and falls. It works by slowing the rate of deceleration. Deceleration is when something loses speed and the rate is how quickly that speed changes. If you’re driving in the car and you hit the emergency brake, you’ll likely jolt forward against the seatbelt - never particularly comfortable. Meanwhile, if you’re driving at the same speed and you gently slow down as you pull into traffic lights, it’s going to feel just fine. This is a slower rate of deceleration. 

Think about your phone like the passenger and AiroShockTM like the foot on the brake. It works by making sure your phone slows down slowly. Even if your phone comes crashing down from a 45ft crane, it will feel to your phone more like a gentle stop at a traffic light. The energy that your phone has picked up from hurtling down, which would otherwise break it as it hits the ground, is absorbed by AiroShockTM and dispersed. Clever.

AiroShockTM lines all our most protective phone cases and our AirPods cases. Because of how it works, we only need a little bit to line our cases which keeps them incredibly slim. Thanks to AiroShockTM, the extremely rigid materials we use like PC, and smart design features like raised edges on the bumpers, you can protect your most used tech, still use features like wireless charging and enjoy a slim, stylish aesthetic.