AutoAlignPlus™ is an industry leading technology developed at Mous HQ which uses an array of magnets to make your smartphone even more versatile than ever. AutoAlignPlus™ adds functionality to your phone with a range of magnetic accessories which attach seamlessly to Limitless 3.0 cases. We think it’s pretty clever; let's talk about how it's done.


What is AutoAlignPlus™ Technology? 

AutoAlignPlus™ is a system comprising twenty perfectly positioned magnets embedded in every Limitless 3.0 case. By arranging each magnet with pin-point precision, we created a magnetic field which faces away from your phone. This ensures faultless connectivity with Limitless 3.0 accessories but no interference with your phone's functionality or battery life. Brilliant news.


How Can AutoAlignPlus™ Make Your Phone More Useful?



We’ve created a series of accessories which let your phone suit your needs. No more forgetting where your bank card is with our card wallet; our flip wallet with a built-in stand is a must-have for watching Netflix on the go; our wall mount is perfect for budding chefs that want easy recipe viewing. With AutoAlignPlus™ it’s as simple as sliding one accessory off and sliding another on.


What’s The Difference Between AutoAlign™ & AutoAlignPlus™?

Our Limitless 3.0 cases feature AutoAlignPlus™ whereas AutoAlign™ is the system within our Limitless 2.0 cases. The key difference is that AutoAlign™ comprises fewer magnets, arranged differently within the case. With the release of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, we realised we needed to provide a mounting system that could securely support larger, heavier devices and so the new magnetic structure of our Limitless 3.0 was conceived. (Unfortunately, this means that Limitless 2.0 cases and accessories are not compatible with Limitless 3.0 cases and accessories).


Does AutoAlignPlus™ Work With Our Existing Technology?

In a word, yes. At Mous we aim to create phone cases which are not only functional but extremely protective. AutoAlignPlus™ integrates with our AiroShock™ technology, innovative material engineering providing unbeatable protection by not only absorbing the shock of any fall your phone might take, but reducing the rate of deceleration while your phone is falling. Slower impact equals less damage - great news as far as we’re concerned. Additionally, none of our technology blocks wireless charging; the magnets embedded inside every case are arranged perfectly to ensure that your phone is still as state of the art as you are. Find out more about Qi wireless charging in our blog!


About Mous

Starting out by dropping phones off 45ft cranes, sneaking into the Apple store disguised as press, and throwing iPhones out of helicopters, Mous’s journey has been anything but traditional. We found that slim cases weren’t protective and protective cases were ugly, inspiring us to develop a range of cases that were both extremely protective and beautifully crafted. We want to raise people’s expectations of what a phone case can deliver, creating beautiful and practical products that can protect your most valued tools.

Alongside our case range, you can also shop for accessories including screen protectors, car phone mounts, magnetic phone wallets and more.


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