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Mous Discounted Phone Cases

Phone cases add essential protection to your smartphone. Especially with Mous, as we provide some of the toughest phone cases on the market. You will enjoy extra protection, as well as the chic aesthetic and slim designs. With Samsung, Google, and iPhone cases available for a variety of models, we are confident you will find the perfect case for you. Grab a bargain online in the Mous sale.


Protective Phone Cases

With clear, leather, aramid fibre, and more case types on offer, there is something to suit every aesthetic. Whatever the style, you can expect the same high-quality protection across the Mous range, thanks to our AiroShock™ technology. AiroShock™ is our very own specialist development. It is specifically engineered to absorb the energy from any drop and dampen the impact by slowing down the rate of deceleration. As a result, your cell phone is safeguarded. We have thoroughly and vigorously tested all phone cases, far beyond what any case should ever have to go through.


Say goodbye to bulkiness. We boast a slick, minimalistic design that offers unprecedented protection without sacrificing style. This means they fit snug in your pockets too! Plus, wireless charging is not compromised so you will not have to fiddle about with removing the case when you need some juice.


About Mous Cases

Our story started with dropping phones from 45ft cranes and out of helicopters. What we discovered quickly led to the creation of Mous. Slim cases did not offer that much protection and those deemed protective were often an eyesore and took up valuable pocket space. So, we created some of the toughest phone cases available today, yet maintain a minimalist beauty. You will also find essentials such as screen protectors, slim phone wallets, as well as AirPods cases to protect your AirPods charging case.


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