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MagSafe Cases

For iPhones integrated with MagSafe, cases which are MagSafe compatible are essential. Make the most of the magnetic alignment for faster charges and a whole ecosystem of magnetic accessories. Limitless 4.0 and Infinity, our compatible with MagSafe cases, will give you all the benefits of the Mous ecosystem and its impressive array of magnetic modular add-ons, while enabling all the potential of MagSafe: cases like these expand your experiences with your tech. And they’re perfect with Mous wrist straps.

38 magnets compatible with MagSafe - cases for connection

Each of our compatible with MagSafe cases contains 38 perfectly positioned neodymium magnets. The AutoAlign ecosystem contains 3, AutoAlignPlus™ contains 20, our MagSafe compatible range is the most complex magnetic ecosystem yet. The engineering of these cases is highly innovative: to minimise material between the magnetic array and magnetic add-ons, our magnets have been integrated into a shallow groove between the layers of the case. This ensures a powerful connection to any chargers or accessories which are MagSafe compatible or MagSafe - cases for your iPhone 12 should have the strongest magnetic connection.

Ultra-thin and ultra-protective compatible with MagSafe cases

Limitless 4.0 is our thinnest Limitless yet, and Infinity is our thinnest phone case ever. But thanks to our innovative approach to creating compatibility with MagSafe, cases can also be ultra-protective. We use extremely rigid materials such as polycarbonate to prevent torsion, and impressively engineered impact-absorbing technologies like AiroShock™ to protect phones from shocks and drops. We know well how to embed magnets without compromising on slimness or protection, and the same is true for magnets which are compatible with MagSafe - cases can be magnetic, protective and slim.

Stylish and compatible with MagSafe cases

We’ve designed compatible with MagSafe cases which are extremely stylish. Limitless 4.0 comes in five beautiful variants - aramid fibre, black leather, speckled fabric, walnut and bamboo. These are thoughtfully designed for a seamlessly integrated aesthetic with our magnetic add-ons like the card wallet. Meanwhile, Infinity is built with anti-UV technology so it will stay crystal-clear and show off your iPhone’s native aesthetic. Under a subtle pattern, available in blue, light grey and slate grey, lie the magnets which are compatible with MagSafe - cases from Mous are designed considering form as a continuation of function. Whether it’s the fluid lines of our wireless charger stand or the timeless leather we use in so many products, this design ethos is evident throughout our brand.

About Mous

Mous was formed on the realisation that phone cases were often protective and bulky, or aesthetic and ineffective. We struck a balance between both, creating beautifully well-crafted phone cases that also prevent damage to your smartphone in the case of drops shocks and falls. We want to expand the experiences you have with your tech, so all of our cases are conceptualised and engineered to make your tech even more useful. We have a range of phone and tech accessories, and even iPad cases.


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