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Protective Phone Cases

Limitless, our most protective phone cases, are also extremely functional and stylish. We line every Limitless case with AiroShock™, our in-house engineered impact-absorbing material. We believe phone cases should be highly protective without compromising on style, which is why AiroShock is designed to provide as little bulk as possible and we use high-quality, timeless materials on Limitless’s rigid back. Our protective phone cases are also highly functional. A magnetic array provides access to a whole ecosystem of magnetic modular add-ons. Live without limits.

Protective phone cases with AiroShock

AiroShock™ is our in-house engineered impact-absorbing material. It works by absorbing the energy when you drop your phone, which dampens the impact to the device itself. Often slimmer cases aren’t the most protective phone cases, but AiroShock decreases the rate of deceleration and absorbs the energy from drops. We use this material in all of our most protective phone cases and AirPods cases. For the most protection possible for your phone, always pair a protective phone case with a high quality screen protector.

Protective phone cases with timeless style

The Limitless range might be our most protective phone cases, but they don’t compromise on style. We want to capture considered, timeless aesthetics and allow our customers to express their style with looks as unique as they are. An ever popular option for our protective phone cases is aramid fibre. This synthetic fibre is known for being exceptionally strong and its regular pattern conveys a classic and unalterable style. That’s why we also use it on our wireless chargers. Our black leather, meanwhile, allows for beautiful heritage aging, for a look as unique as you are. You can buy a stylish leather card wallet to match your protective phone case.

Ultra-functional protective phone cases

Our protective phone cases are designed to be ultra-functional. Each series of Limitless cases contains a bespoke magnetic array to connect it to modular magnetic add-ons. Because of the secure magnetic alignment they stay firmly stuck to your phone, and you can change them to suit your needs. Limitless functionality means that all our products have multiple uses, they solve a diverse range of problems and create an expansive range of possibilities. Connect your protective phone case to a magnetic mount for hands-free functionality or attach a wrist strap to ensure it’s always close to hand.

This is Mous

We raise expectations of what phone cases can deliver. When the phone case market was full of protective, ugly cases and aesthetic, flimsy cases, our mission began. We create cases that are protective, stylish and functional. From throwing phones off 45ft cranes and helicopters, we tested relentlessly until we’d achieved our goal. Now we make a whole range of tech accessories from MacBook sleeves, to screen protectors, to AirTag cases.


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