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Phone Cases for Cycling

We’ve designed these kits with mounts and phone cases for cycling. You should be able to swap easily between your bike phone mount and MagSafe® compatible charger. You don’t need one phone case for cycling and one for other aspects of your life. Enjoy magnetic mounts, card wallets and the security of a mechanically mounted phone case for cycling. Evolution is also lined with AiroShock™ for Mous-grade protection. Keep reading to learn even more about these phone cases for cycling.

Kits for charging with phone cases for cycling

These kits make it as simple as possible to use your phone case for cycling. Simply attach Evolution to your phone bike mount and go. Choose one of our bike mount kits with a wireless charging mount to view your phone as it charges up, before viewing it on a mechanical mount. You can ensure that your phone is charged ready to go on each ride you want to take. You can charge while listening to music on the way to your scenic cycle with these accessories and this phone case for cycling.

Protective phone cases for cycling

All our most protective phone cases are lined with AiroShock™, our high-impact material. Evolution is a highly protective phone case for cycling. The cut-outs in the back don’t compromise its protection because they’re lined with fibreglass for extra rigidity and silicone to prevent pointload. As well as being protective, phone cases for cycling are highly functional. Evolution cycling kits ensure you can make the most of your phone, bike mount and accessories. You don’t need to choose with our protective phone cases.

Phone cases for cycling anywhere

Our ethos of limitless functionality means functionality in a range of situations. Our Apple Watch straps are versatile enough to go from the gym to the office and a night out. Evolution cycle kits have phone cases for cycling anywhere. The bike mount is secure enough for BMX and backflips. It’s simple enough to use for a short ride to the shops. The MagSafe compatible accessories in the kits ensure Evolution is a phone case for cycling, working, playing and anything else you can imagine.

We are Mous

We’ve seen the impact that tech has on people’s lives and we believe in the transformative power of it. That’s why we decided to create tech accessories which enhance the everyday experiences people have with their devices. Everything we make has been over-engineered to solve real problems through extreme performance and limitless functionality which doesn’t compromise on style. We make products from screen protectors to cables and adaptors to AirTag cases. Each one is laser-focused on relentlessly high-quality."


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