TPU Screen Protector (2 Pack)
iPhone 12/12 Pro Change

TPU Screen Protector (2 Pack)

Superior shatterproof screen protection you can count on
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Made from a triple layer of TPU, PET and silicone, this is a rugged screen protector for maximum defence

Touch responsive

Stay protected drop after drop

The TPU Screen Protector is extremely impact-absorbing and shatterproof so you don't need to worry about having to replace it after every drop

Shock Absorbent

This clever screen protector dampens impacts to your phone screen with its shock-absorbent material structure

Water Resistant

Protect your screen from moisture with this unobtrusive guard against spills and humidity

Slim & Reactive

Our slim screen protector maintains your screen’s advanced touch technology by only adding 0.3mm to the depth of your phone

“Ground-breaking… really, really good”
“Mous is an innovative company”
“Mous’s cases are tougher than the guy from The Revenant who fought a bear”
“[a] favourite brand of ours which provides high quality, rigorously tested phone cases.”

Total Protection

Our cases provide superior protection but pairing your case with a top quality screen protector gives your phone 360° protection

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