iPhone 11 Phone Cases

Mous is constantly aiming to push boundaries and challenge the status quo for the tech accessory industry. We've decided to mix things up with our authorised retailers and two of our most popular materials have been given a makeover.

Introducing Mous’ exclusive retail range for the iPhone 11 models*…




Here’s a case for the minimalists out there… Whilst we love the functionality offered by our AutoAlignPlus magnetic system (as featured in our Limitless 3.0 range), we appreciate that not all of our customers make use of this accessory ecosystem.

AraMax mimics the best-selling Aramid Fibre design of our Limitless 3.0 cases, without the AutoAlignPlus system. Same high-levels of protection, same classic style, less (the) magnets. Simple.

Lined with our signature, impact-absorbing material AiroShock™, and with updated features such as a microfibre lining and raised edges, AraMax packs a seriously protective punch. 

Key specs:

Extreme protection  Real materials Slim design
Qi wireless charging Dual SIM storage Face-down protection


 Contour Wood 


(Limited Edition)**

Like an iconic novel, the Contour Walnut is the gift that keeps on giving. Our signature real-walnut backplate results in a finish as sleek, unique, and stylish as you are.

Contour was born from a desire to highlight the curved aesthetic of the iPhone 11. Fitting perfectly into the palm of your hand, our Contour range minimises bulk without compromising on Mous’ reliable, impact-absorbing protection. 

Showcasing a backplate of real, wrapped walnut, the Contour Wood is a true testament to our continued ambition to push the boundaries of what a phone case can be.  

Key specs:

Drop protection   Real materials Lined with Airoshock™
Qi wireless charging Dual SIM storage Face-down protection


 **"'Wrapped wood', you say? How difficult can that really be?!" (It turns out quite if you don’t want to crack your (wal)nut). 

We’re super proud of this short-run wooden limited edition of our Contour series, and we can’t wait to take our nutty learnings forward for the next innovative idea.

Stay tuned...



*Currently only available in authorised retail stores.

To become an official reseller please contact salesteam@mous.co

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